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We all become important when we realize our goal, should be to figure out our role within the context of the whole.

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Giving in.

Am I the queen?
I told the truth today.
I almost called. But I didn’t and that’s what matters.

I think I’m doing things on my terms. (dips)
No one will love me like I love me. I will love no one like I love me. Its hard wanting simple things. Company being the worst. I have books and fingers and pens. Life gets harder passed that. I’m not ready. I won’t be. So I guess that means you settle for less in return.

Why not tell the truth? Why not hate the people who carved fucking holes in you. Why not dip when you can’t hang. Why not. I have the same repetitive thought , why the Fuck would anything nice happen ever? I’ve been confronted with a startling realization, hold on to your seats, .. I’m crazy. Absolutely Batshit Bananas crazy. I can not believe the things I WILLINGLY attach myself to. Memories are to be treated like rotting teeth, Immediate extraction.
And I personally am noticing how much more willing I am to call the dentist ya feel?
I can’t even front positivity anymore.
Why even bother. I can’t describe losing my best friend I can’t. I feel okay, but sick. Deep down sick.( Fuck everyone else.
I’m leaving for Oakland in week.